The Fossa AI Diagnostic

The Fossa AI Diagnostic

The FOSSA AI Diagnostic is a teaching and assessment tool to help organizations create or improve upon their AI Strategy. It is well known that less than 20% of all organizations actually have an AI Strategy and it is predicted that over 40% of all business organizations will be disrupted in the next 5 years. The Diagnostic explains how AI and exponential technologies are being used in organizations today to make them more efficient and how an organization might harness them to gain competitive advantage. Perhaps more importantly, the Exponential Organization (ExO) is introduced which helps increase an organization’s ability to harness AI and increase its ROL (Return on Learning).
The 6Ds

Fossa Singularity Diagnostic Steps


1. Deliver presentation to all employees “AI Basics and the Future of Work".

1 hour presentation on “need to know” elements of AI.  Emphasizes people and machines working together (people are not going to be replaced...only tasks are).  Emphasizes why a company needs to be a learning organization and value innovation and experimentation.

2.  Administer AIQ survey.  

Designed to provide metric (score) of collective AIQ in an organization.  Includes open ended questions that elicit fears and concerns about AI as well as AI application opportunities inside companies.  

3. Administer Exponential Organization (ExO) Diagnostic Survey.  .

Designed to measure a company’s nimbleness and ability to prevent being disrupted.  

4.  Perform Due diligence on company and AI Health Check.    

Includes analysis of past 3 years financial statements, tax returns, strategic plans, websites, consultation with advisors and vendors, etc.  Gain understanding of how data is used in organization and where it is kept.    

5.  Presentation to owners and managers “The Power of Exponential Organizations (ExO)”.

  • Explains what an ExO  is and how it works.
  • Results of the ExO Diagnostic and AIQ survey are explained.   
  • Introduce analytical tools like AI Strategy Pallet, 6 D’s of Disruption, Kurzweil Curve, and Prediction Machine Fidelity Dial unique to organization’s industry.    
  • Explains AI Canvas Cards.  

6.  Interview management team.  

Discuss progress made regarding AI strategy and address concerns and questions.  

7. Hold discussions with selected employees

Ascertain talent and desires of specific individuals to be considered candidates for Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, etc.

8.  Discuss preliminary findings with owner.   

Discuss conceptualized ExO structure prepared for company.  Discuss the relevant Prediction Machines and Exponential Technologies that currently exist in the organizations industry and what is coming.  

9.  Present and deliver Fossa AI Recommendations (FAIR) report.  


  • Custom ExO Structure
  • AI Strategic Recommendations
  • AI Insight:  Analysis of which tasks can be replaced with Prediction Machines.
  • Machine Learning Opportunities
  • Recommendations regarding OKR’s/KPI’s.
  • Custom FOSSA Disruptor Curve unique to company.  
  • ROI on build vs. buy decision regarding Prediction Machines.  
  • Action Plan

10. Follow up.

Provide 3 hours of complimentary consultation per month for 6 months following delivery of FAIR report.  Discussions center around Action Plan provided in FAIR report and vetting of Prediction Machines that are coming online.  Also will discuss action steps related to AI Canvas Cards.


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